• 2017 Gsx-r1000 gsx r1000a gsx 750 Suzuki Best Deal

2017 Gsx-r1000 gsx r1000a gsx 750 Suzuki Best Deal

RM 94,000
Kuala Lumpur
1000 cc
Engine Type
0 Km
0 Year(s)

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Sales Offer (March - April 2018) **REBATE RM 5,000 Plus Gift Worth RM 5000**
Total up to RM 10,000 (While Stock Last)
Suzuki GSX-R1000A
Colors Available:
Basic Selling Price: RM 94,000
6% GST: RM 5,640.00
Sales Price After GST: RM 99,640.00
Sales Price Based on Suzuki Assemblers (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (Aug 2017)
Technical Spec:
Engine Displacement: 999.8cm
Engine Type :4-stroke, 4 cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC
Fuel Tank: 16 Litres
Kerb Weight: 202 kg
Maximum power: 199.27hp
Maximum torque : 117.6Nm/ 10,800rpm
Transmission: 6 speed
Seat Height: 825mm
Fuel System: Fuel Injection
ABS System
**Bike Feature** :
1) All new 999.8cc liquid-cooled DOHC inline-four cylinder engine produces exceptionally high top-end power without sacrificing low to mid-range power thanks to a Variable Valve Timing (VVT) system, Ride-by-Wire Throttle Bodies and more.
2) New design, twin-spar type aluminum frame is 10% lighter and more compact, with optimized rigidity for nimble handling and a high level of grip when cornering.
3) New design, twin-spar type aluminum frame is 10% lighter and more compact, with optimized rigidity for nimble handling and a high level of grip when cornering.
4) Using MotoGP knowledge, Suzuki has fitted an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) on the new GSX-R1000. The IMU provides six direction, three axis motion and position information to the ECM so instantaneous adjustments can be made electronically to the engine and chassis components that influence performance.
5) The new and exclusive ten-mode, Motion Track Traction Control System (MT-TCS)*, with IMU influence, increases rider confidence by allowing adjustments to amount of intervention to match riding ability and surface conditions.
6) The new LCD Multi-function Instrument Panel was inspired by the GSX-RR MotoGP dash. This panel is laid out so the rider can easily see the tachometer bar, speedometer digits, and other essential operational information. This effective display is critical as it is the rider's interface to the GSX-R1000's advanced electronics.
7) A new version of the three mode, Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (S-DMS) system lets the rider select the power output levels of the engine to match riding ability and conditions.
8) The new and exclusive Suzuki Racing Variable Valve Timing System (SR-VVT) uses a centrifugal actuated mechanism on the intake camshaft sprocket to increase high engine RPM power without losing low-to mid-range power.
9) The new design Suzuki Racing Finger Follower valve train weighs less than a tappet-style valve train for reduced friction and increased valve response at higher engine speeds.
10) The 4-2-1 exhaust system with titanium muffler is designed to help the engine deliver a wide range of performance with an exciting rush up to redline. The titanium muffler has a pleasing appearance while creating an exciting, distinctive sound.
11) Racetrack-developed links connect the single SHOWA Remote Reservoir Shock Absorber to the braced swingarm. With spring preload, rebound damping, plus high and low-speed compression damping force adjustment the rider can tune the motorcycle to respond to riding style and weight.
12) The new LED headlight is lightweight, bright and distinctive. This low-electric draw light has a narrow, stacked shape to allow the SRAD ducts at the nose of the fair access to the high pressure air created at higher speeds.
13) LED Combination Tail & Brake Light has a very low electrical draw and the vertically stacked shape permits the tail section to be narrow for better air flow at the back of the motorcycle. License plate is also illuminated by an LED light.
14) New poly-function Start/Stop Switch combines the engine stop and start functions. The switch is a fine complement to the Suzuki Easy Start system fitted to the GSX-R1000A.
Find us at FACEBOOK : Eang Chun Motor Sdn Bhd
Find us at FACEBOOK : Eang Chun Motor Sdn Bhd
Find us at FACEBOOK : Eang Chun Motor Sdn Bhd
Belum Cuba, Belum Tau
Jangan menunggu lagi,
Kunjungilah Kedai Kami & Apply Secara Online
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Loan Kedai, Aeon, Parkson, BSNC, Bank Rakyat, Bank Al-Rajhi, Bank Muamalat
No need lesen! No need guarantor!
Trade-in welcome!
Recommend kawan ada Commision!
Low interest rate! /Master/Visa card is accepted!
***Permohonan process 1-3 hari sahaja ***
Dokumen yg diperlukan:
Loan AEON, BSNC, Bank Rakyat, Bank Al-Rajhi, Bank Muamalat:
Employee / Bekerja
(IC, 3 bulan payslip, EPF statement, 3 months bank statement - jika ada sila bagi)
Self Employed- Berniaga Sendiri
(IC, SSM form-3 keping, 6 bulan bank statement, lesen perniagaan- jika ada)
** Perniagaan mesti beroperasi lebih dari 1 tahun & tarikh didaftarkan mesti lebihi 1 tahun**
Free Gift
1) Helmet - Fullface (HJC - Top Brand)
2) *** Exhaust Slip On (Branded) - Original
3) Raincoat - Alpinestar
4) Riding Jacket - Branded
5) Hand Gloves - Branded
6) Tank Pad
7) Frame Slider
8) Riding Shoes
9) Driver Sleeve
10) Balaclava
11) Bobbins
12) Whole Life-Time Free Service @ ECMSB
13) Personal Accident Coverage (RM 5,000)
14) Motorcycle Cover (Blanket)
15) Chain Lube
16) Gear Shifter Rubber
18) Paddock
19) Chain Brush
20) Lock (U-Lock/ Disc Lock)
21) Tire Sealant
** Extra Suzuki T-Shirt & Cap **
Please whatsapp / email to us with this format (APPLY ONLINE)
**Berniaga Sendiri / Bekerja Swasta/ Semi Swasta / Kerajaan **
** Gaji Kasar **
** Gaji Bersih **
KASAR 3800
Email: atau whatsapp - APPLY ONLINE terus
SALES ADVISOR: (whatapps)
William Ho (Wai): 6
Zack Ho: 6
Kit Ho (Boi): 6
Visit us at :
No 69,71,73 & 75 JALAN GENTING KLANG,53300 SETAPAK
TEL : 6 , 6
Operation Hour: Isnin-Sabtu (9.00pg-7.30 Ptg) & Ahad (11.00 pg-4.00 ptg)
Tips untuk pemohon pinjaman (Aeon/ Singer/ Parkson/ Bsnc / Bank Rakyat / Al Rajhi/ Muamalat)
a) Pemohon mesti kerja lebih dari 3 bulan - mesti sudah dpt CONFIRMATION dari majikan
b) 10% deposit dari harga motor yg dibeli, adalah lebih senang dapat LOAN APPROVAL
c) Gaji mesti masuk bank & caruman EPF tiap tiap bulan
d) Tiada sangkutan / BLACKLIST- seperti Pinjaman Kredit kad / PTPTN / telefon bil & lain lain lagi
** Not enough down payment for your dream bike, no worry. You can refer your friend's to us, we give COMMISION
** Tak Cukup Bayar Muka, Jgn Risau. Bawa kwn-kwn mari, kami bagi kommision
** Sikit sikit commision, pasti satu hari ANDA MAMPU BELI MOTORSIKAL YG DIINGINI
*****We are not ONLY sell Motorbike, We care Our Customer Needs, and give the best service to all our valued customer*****
Lokasi Kedai:
*Waze Search: Eang Chun Motor
*Google map search: Eang Chun Motor Sdn Bhd
Cari kami kat face book / Find us on Facebook : EANG CHUN MOTOR
*** Tak jadi beli tak apa, kami tetap boleh jadi kawan. Sila datang kedai SURVEY, beli jika anda happy dgn servis kami ***
*** Our customer REVIEW & LIKES is more than enough to prove that we are REALLY CARE ABOUT OUR CUSTOMER***
*** Tengok KOMEN & LIKE kami kat FACEBOOK, ia memang cukup membuktikan bahawa KAMI BETUL BETUL HARGAI PELANGGAN KAMI***
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Eang Chun Motor
Eang Chun Motor
Kuala Lumpur
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