• 2017 Suzuki SV650 Abs 2017 SV 650 Year End Sales

2017 Suzuki SV650 Abs 2017 SV 650 Year End Sales

RM 38,800
Kuala Lumpur
650 cc
Engine Type
0 Km
0 Year(s)

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Find us on Facebook: Eang Chun Motor Sdn Bhd
Find us on Facebook: Eang Chun Motor Sdn Bhd
Find us on Facebook: Eang Chun Motor Sdn Bhd
Suzuki SV650 ABS - CBU
Colo... rs Available: Red, Blue
Basic Selling Price: RM 38,800
6% GST: RM 2328
Sales Price After GST: RM 41,128
Sales Price Based on Suzuki Assemblers (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (Nov 2016)
Technical Spec:
Engine Displacement: 645 cm3 (39.4
Engine Type : 4-stroke, 2-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 90 V-Twin
Fuel Tank: 13.8 litres
Kerb Weight: 197 kg (472 lbs)
Frame: Diamond, high-tenstile steel
Maximum Power: 56kW(75PS)@8,500 rpm
Seat Height: 785mm
Fuel System: Fuel injection
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Low interest rate! /Master/Visa card is accepted!
***Permohonan process 1-3 hari sahaja ***
Installment Plan
Zero Deposit (Plan A)
2thn x RM 1964
3thn x RM 1,366
4thn x RM 1,068
5thn x RM 889
6thn x RM 769
7thn x RM 684
RM 4,300 (Plan B)
2thn x RM 1,767
3thn x RM 1,230
4thn x RM 961
5thn x RM 800
6thn x RM 692
7thn x RM 616
2thn x RM 1,571
3thn x RM 1,093
4thn x RM 854
5thn x RM 711
6thn x RM 615
7thn x RM 547
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Employee / Bekerja
(IC, 3 bulan payslip, EPF statement, 3 months bank statement - jika ada sila bagi)
Self Employed- Berniaga Sendiri
(IC, SSM form-3 keping, 6 bulan bank statement, lesen perniagaan- jika ada)
** Perniagaan mesti beroperasi lebih dari 1 tahun & tarikh didaftarkan mesti lebihi 1 tahun**
Free Gift
1) Helmet - Fullface
2) Lock (U-Lock/ Disc Lock)
3) Raincoat
4) Jacket
5) Hand Gloves
6) Tank Pad
7) Frame Slider
8) Motorcycle Cover (Blanket)
9) Driver Sleeve
10) Hand Guard
11) Balaclava
12) Whole Life-Time Free Service @ ECMSB
13) Personal Accident Coverage (RM 5,000)
14) Bobbins
15) Chain Lube
16) Paddock
17) Gear Shifter Rubber
18) Waist Pouch (water Proof)
19) Key Chain
20) Rizoma Side Mirror
21) Exhaust Slip On
Extra Free Gift
22) Suzuki T-Shirt
23) Suzuki Cap
24) Key Chain
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KASAR 3800
SV 650 Abs
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Operation Hour: Isnin-Sabtu (9.00pg-7.30 Ptg) & Ahad (11.00 pg-4.00 ptg)
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b) 10% deposit dari harga motor yg dibeli, adalah lebih senang dapat LOAN APPROVAL
c) Gaji mesti masuk bank & caruman EPF tiap tiap bulan
d) Tiada sangkutan / BLACKLIST- seperti Pinjaman Kredit kad / PTPTN / telefon bil & lain lain lagi
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Suzuki 2017 SV650 ABS (Spec Details:)
The core concept of the Suzuki SV650A is the fun of riding a V-twin sports machine for all riders, in slim, simple and lightweight package.
Core Features
Only in its class*, 645cc DOHC 90V-twin engine for the Suzuki SV650A has been refined with more than 60 new parts, producing increased power while conforming to Euro4 emission requirements.
The V-twin engine delivers deep rumble in the low rev range, strong and linear torque in mid-range, and runs smoothly up to high rpm range in a controllable manner.
By redesigning more than 140 parts and components (engine and chassis parts combined), the curb mass is reduced by 8kg (ABS model) with the Back To Its Origin concept. Its slim and lightweight chassis provides super-agile handling performance, yet it has forgiving character.
Improved Riding Control
Newly featured, Low RPM Assist helps rider in launching and running at lower rpm.
Newly featured, Suzuki Easy Start simplifies rider's operation in engine starting.
Narrow bodyworks and lightweight chassis is easy to
Fuel economy is improved, the best in class* 3.84L/100km.
New full LCD instrument cluster provides a lot of information.
* 600cc-800cc, on-road street bike class. In WMTC mode test cycle.
Multi-function Instrument Panel
Newly designed, full LCD Instrument cluster is lightweight and compact. Thanks to its full-LCD design, it eliminates motor and needle mechanics, it weighs only 275g.
Instruments are brightness-adjustable full LCD. The LCD readout includes;
Dual trip meter
Gear position
Water temperature
Driving range
Average fuel consumption
Instant fuel consumption
Fuel gauge
White back light for good visibility in night time riding.
LED indicators include a turn signal, high-beam, Neutral, Malfunction indicator, ABS?and coolant temperature /oil pressure indicator lights are designed to easy to recognize.
Bar-type tachometer features peak-hold function, which shows peak rpm when rpm drops. So rider can recognize the peak rpm of the last moment when downshifting.
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Eang Chun Motor
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