Held Prices

1-piece race-spec suit Full-Speed
1-piece race-spec suit Full-Speed APS
1-piece race-spec suit Rush
1-piece race-spec suit Slade
2-piece race-spec suit Spire
2-piece race-spec suit Yagusa
2in1 GORE-TEX® touring jacket AeroSec GTX TOP
2pcs Breast protector Chest
2x2 over-glove
Adventure glove Sambia
Back D3O CE
Back protector Sakari
Boot Nashville
Breast protector Chest
Chopper glove Free
Chopper glove Route
Classic glove Classic
Classic glove Jockey
Classic glove Walcott
Classic goggles
Elbow / Knee "Slim Line" SAS-TEC CE
Elbow / Knee big SAS-TEC CE
Elbow / Knee SAS-TEC CE
Elbow / Knee small SAS-TEC CE
Elbow / Knee with velcro "Slim Line" SAS-TEC CE
Elbow D3O CE
Ellbow/knee w. velcro "Slim-Line" Lady SAS-TEC CE
Enduro spec touring jacket Hakuna II
Flip-up helmet H-C3 Trip
Flip-up helmet H-C4 Tour
Flip-up helmet H-E1 Adventure
Flip-up helmet Travel-Champ
Flip-up helmet Travel-Champ II
Full-face helmet Alcatar
Full-face helmet Brave II
Full-face helmet H-R2 Ride
Full-face helmet H-SR2 Race
Full-face helmet Makan
Full-face helmet Root
GORE-TEX® glove + Gore 2in1 technology Sambia 2in1
GORE-TEX® glove + Gore Grip technology Chikara GTX
GORE-TEX® glove + Gore Grip technology Rain
GORE-TEX® glove + Gore Grip technology Satu II
GORE-TEX® glove + Gore Grip technology Score 3.0
GORE-TEX® gloves + Gore 2in1 technology Air n Dry
GORE-TEX® gloves + Gore 2in1 technology Seric
GORE-TEX® gloves + Gore 2in1 technology Solid Dry
GORE-TEX® gloves + Gore 2in1 technology Twin
GORE-TEX® gloves + Gore 2in1 technology Wave
GORE-TEX® gloves + Gore Grip technology Cold Champ
GORE-TEX® gloves Arctic Evo
GORE-TEX® gloves Johna
GORE-TEX® gloves Season
GORE-TEX® gloves Tonale
GORE-TEX® Packlite jacket Clip-in GTX TOP
GORE-TEX® touring jacket Carese APS
GORE-TEX® Touring jacket Luca
GORE-TEX® touring jacket Molto
Gote-tex Touring Pants
Hip / Rip SAS-TEC CE
Hip D3O CE
Hipora® 2x2 finger gloves Nordpol
Hipora® Adventure sport boot Shiroc
Hipora® Chopperboot Nevada II
Hipora® Touring boot Andamos
Hipora® Touring boot Corbi
Hipora® Touring boot Gear
Hipora® Touring boot Shack
Hipora® Touring glove Kyte
Hipora® Touring glove Travel 5 Tex
Hipora® Urban gloves Faxon
Hipora® Urban gloves Toeno
Hipora® winter gloves Polar II
Hipora® winter ladies glove Ice Quenn
Inflatable protector vest Air Vest
Integralhelm Katana
Jet helmet Heros
Jet helmet Kosar
Jet helmet Mc Corry
Jet helmet Rune
Jet helmet Top Spot
Knee big SAS-TEC CE
Knee D3O CE
Knee protector Citysafe
Knee with velcro D3O CE
Ladies sports glove Myra
Ladies touring glove Sereena
Leather jacket Lax
Leather jacket Stone
Leather jacket Walker
Motocross glove Backflip
Motocross glove Hardtack
OutDry® Summer touring boot Joblin
OutDry® Touring boot Pike
OutDry® touring gloves Feel n Proof
Outer shell Motorcycle goggles
Over-boot Boot skin long
Over-boot Boot Skin Short
Overglove Rain Skin Pro
Protector shirt Kendo
Protector waistcoat Keltor
Protector waistcoat Shelter II
Race boot Newton
Shoulder "Slim-Line" Lady SAS-TEC CE
Shoulder "Slim-Line" SAS-TEC CE
Shoulder D30 CE
Shoulder SAS-TEC CE
Shoulder with velcro SAS-TEC CE
Sport jacket Blaze
Sport jacket Hashiro II
Sport jacket Safer
Sport jacket Street 3.0
Sport jacket Zelda
Sports boot Epco II
Sports glove Akira Evo
Sports glove Chikara Pro
Sports glove Chikara RR
Sports glove Dash
Sports glove Evo-Thrux
Sports glove Phantom II
Sports glove Revel
Sports glove Revel II
Sports glove Spot
Sports glove SR-X
Sporty short boot Short Lap
Summer glove Air Stream II
Summer glove Airea
Summer glove Desert
Summer glove Estiva
Summer glove Rodney
Summer glove Summertime II
Summer jacket Tropic II
Touring boot Coblin
Touring glove Curt
Touring glove Emotion Evo
Touring glove Everdry
Touring glove Fresco II
Touring glove Nick
Touring glove Secret-Pro
Touring glove Sparrow
Touring glove Steve Classic
Touring glove Touch
Touring glove Tour Guide
Touring glove Travel 5
Touring jacket 4-Touring
Touring jacket Cosmo 3.0
Touring jacket Joker
Touring jacket Lupo
Touring jacket Smoke
Urban boot Cattleman
Urban jacket Bodie
Urban jacket Crow
Urban jacket Falcon
Urban sneaker Aaron
Urban sneaker Terence
Urban style jacket Jester
Urban touring glove Emotion