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Motorcycle Helmets

A motorcycle helmet is a helmet worn by motorbike and moped riders. The function is to limit the damage to the head in the event of a fall or collision. Another objective is to protect the head from floating things, such as rocks and insects. The motorcycle helmet offers at low temperatures also protection against the cold wind. Nowadays the motorcycle helmet is part of the appearance of the driver. If you are a professional which rides on a circuit daily or you just go on for a ride with friends, there is always a need for safety so a motorcycle helmet will help you with that. A motorcyclist can find a wide-range of different types, brands, and colors of motorcycle helmets, with each fulfilling a specific need besides the main task which is the obviously safety.

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Motorcycle Helmet Types

There are four types of motorcycle helmets. The four types of motorcycle helmets are: the Full Face Helmet, the Modular Helmets, the Half Helmets and finally the Open Face Helmets with each fulfilling a specific need besides the safety like mentioned before.

Full Face Helmets

The Full Face helmet are also known as the Full Face helmet and sports helmet. The off-road helmets are also part of the Full Face Helmets and are used mainly within the motocross industry. This with regard to the full face protection provided by the full face and duals sport motorcycle helmets. Furthermore, they are loved for their protectiveness, design and the adjustable screen which can go up or down to prevent cold wind, turbulence, rocks, and insects go inside the helmet during your ride.

Modular Helmets

The Modular helmet stands between the full face helmet and open face helmet. The modular helmet is loved by the long distance motorcyclist because of the possibility to open the chin bar during the stop. The modular helmet is thus beloved because of the price, the same main protection that is been offered by the full face helmets and the extra flexibility with regard to the chin bar.

Half Helmets

The Half helmet also referred to as “shorty” in the USA or TT helmet in the UK is popular since the 1960s. The half helmet is designed to cover the ears, cheek and the back of the head of the driver. However, the rider has open spots around the eyes, chin, and nose, which makes the half helmets giving the driver the opportunity to feel freer during his ride. On the other hand, there is a lack of safety compared to the off-road and the modular helmets.

Open Face Helmets

The Open Face helmet is used within the motorcycle industry as a stylistic choice. This mainly because of the minimum coverage by the basic design, that is around the upper head. This results in a helmet which is easy to customize because of the basic form. The open face motorcycle helmets are also used in various video clips because of their stylistic design. However, the open face helmets are the cheapest helmets. On the other hand, open face helmets are providing the lowest security during your ride.