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Motorcycle Tyres

The motorcycle tyres are the key to performance, safety and comfort. The motorcycle tyres are important during your ride, because of the fact that the tyres are the two touching points of your motorcycle, during your ride with the road. They need to be developed with the main focus on increasing performance, ensuring security and making the ride comfortably with your motorcycle. There are different brands, types and sizes of motorcycle tyres each developed to the type of driver you are. Furthermore, there are besides long distance tyres, eco-friendly tyres and the dirt tyres also the seasonal tyres namely, the winter and summer tyres. The seasonal tyres are special designed to the weather conditions in the season you’re within to optimize performance, ensure safety and provide comfort during your ride.

Motorcycle Tyres Types

There are three main categories of motorcycle tyres to choose from. The three different categories are the sport bike motorcycle tyres, the adventure and dual sport motorcycle tyres, scooter tyres and the motocross motorcycle tyres. Each of the above-mentioned motorcycle tyres have other added values next to ensuring safety and stability during your ride.

Superbike Tyres

The sport bike motorcycle tyres are mainly focused on two things track performance and ensuring grip and longevity on the streets. In addition, the sport bike motorcycle tyres ensure the high-performance motorcycles to optimize their handling and high-speed capabilities.

Adventure and Dual Sport Tyres

The adventure and dual sport motorcycle tyres are useable for on and off-road riders. The adventure and dual sport motorcycle tyres are created with the mindset “street to trail”. Generally, the tyres are created for the off-road riders because of the pattern on the tyre which is deep to ensure grip during the off-road ride. The adventure and dual sport tyres which are designed for the on-road rides will be smoother and constructed for longer distance riders on-road.

Motocross Tyres

The motocross motorcycle tyres are created for grip. Grip, is important for the “dirt tyres” as result of the terrain the cross motorcyclist needs to ride through. The terrain of the motocross motorcyclist is mainly composed out of loose solid, mud and gravel which makes grip a very important aspect to focus on during the development of these motocross tyres.

Scooter Tyres

The scooter is mainly focused on city daily commute performance and comfort and longevity on the streets. In addition, the scooter tyres help to ensure safety on most various kind of roads as these are the largest a most diverse type of two-wheelers circulating worldwide. Scooter tyres have the widest variety of manufacturers and types.