FROM 2023-12-07 TO 2023-12-13
RON 95 RON 97 RON 100
RM 2.05 per liter RM 3.47 per liter RM 4.90 per liter
Euro 5 B10 Euro 5 B7
RM 2.15 per liter RM 2.35 per liter
Petrol Prices Records in Malaysia
Last Update Price of petrol / liter Price of diesel / liter
RON 95 RON 97 RON 100 Euro 5 B10 Euro 5 B7
2023-11-09 2.05 3.47 4.90 2.15 2.35
2023-11-16 2.05 3.47 4.90 2.15 2.35
2023-11-30 2.05 3.47 4.90 2.15 2.35
2023-12-07 2.05 3.47 4.90 2.15 2.35

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Fuel price for petrol and diesel per litre vary with time. In Malaysia, the fuel prices are updated weekly. Find the latest cost per litre of fuel in Malaysia now using our real-time petrol and diesel price tracker at iMotorbike.

Price of Petrol mainly depends on the cost of crude oil. But factors like competition, supply and demand also play a major role in fluctuations in fuel prices.

The range of km you can travel per litre of petrol depends on factors like the type and size of the bike or car you use. You can find out the fuel consumption details directly from the manufacturers’ catalogue or website.

Gasoline is derived from crude oil and petroleum liquids. Mainly used as the fuel to power internal combustion engines in vehicles. Oil refinery transforms crude oil to refined more useful products such as gasoline or petrol that we find at our local fuel stations.

In Malaysia fuel price changes every week, you can find out whether the fuel prices go up or down weekly using iMotorbike’s weekly petrol price updates. Want to find out the petrol price today? Find out Ron95, Ron97, Ron100, Euro 2 and Euro 5 fuel prices at iMotorbike.

Whether it’s a fuel pump for a car or motorcycle, the cost of a fuel pump depends on the brand and model of the vehicle you use. We recommend you to reach out to the manufacturer’s after-sales service centre for recommendation and pricing details.