• We have made renewing your road tax an easy task, with only three simple steps.
  • We deliver your road tax straight to your home, no need to leave your house!

iMotorbike reserves the right to NOT proceed with a refund if you have violated our terms and conditions below.
No refund will be given to :
Please note:
  • Road tax is still valid for more than 60 days in advance prior to expiry date.
  • Road tax has been expired for more than 356 days, you need to do an inspection first at JPJ or Puspakom before applying through iMotorbike.
  • Your motorcycle or license is blacklisted by JPJ / Police.
  • You already renew road tax at other platforms or places.
  • Once the road tax is printed.
By accepting this application, you have understood and accepted the terms & conditions and you agree that all service fees incurred during any successful transaction are non-refundable.
Refunds will only be given if you make double payment and need to request a refund in 24 hours. Only one out of the double payment will be refunded. Refund process that purchases made via debit/credit cards will be refunded (in 7-14 working days upon cancelation initiation) whereas cancelled purchases made via other payment methods will be refunded in your account bank (in 7-14 working days upon cancelation initiation).

Renewal of motorcycle road tax in Malaysia can be done both manually and online. The renewal process can be done manually through post office or JPJ office with a valid insurance. However, the renewal of both road tax and insurance can be done via iMotorbike online with ease.

Although renewal of road tax of cars can be done online via MyEG, riders can't renew their motorcycle road tax via MyEG for now. However, platforms like iMotorbike offers online roadtax and insurance renewal for motorcycles.

License renewal in Malaysia cost MYR30 per year. i.e If you want to renew your license for two years it would cost MYR 30X2 = MYR60.

Learner license can be renewed every 3 or 6 months, however it cannot be possessed for more than 2 years. In case of expired L license, the learner has to redo the theory exam. However, the learning hours recorded before the expiry of the L license will still remain valid therefore, the leaner wouldn't have to redo the learning hours all over again. Meaning, after attending the theory test they can proceed straight to the final exam.

Motorcycle insurance is calculated based on the type of motorcycle, value of motorcycle, age of the rider and the rider's experience. Other than these factors, the amount is calculated based on the type of insurance and how much you want to insure the bike for.

In the case of Malaysia, a motorcycle which is small and has a low market value would have the cheapest insurance because the amount you pay for insurance is calculated mainly based on the size/type and value of the motorcycle.

Motorcycle insurance go down drastically when the rider reaches the age of 25. Men get up to 20% and women get between 12-15% off the insurance premium.

Road tax in Malaysia can be renewed both manually and online. When doing the renewal process manually, you would have to purchase an insurance plan prior to renewing your road tax. However, when it comes to renewing roadtax online, it can be done through MyEG for cars and trusted online platforms like iMotorbike for motorcycles. With iMotorbike, you can renew both insurance and roadtax and get them delivered to you directly within 3 working days.

You can renew road tax online through MyEG for cars and iMotorbike for motorcycles. With iMotorbike you can buy both road tax and insurance and get the road tax shipped to your doorstep within just 3 working days.

Road tax can be renewed online via MyEG for cars only. However when it comes to renewing roadtax for motorcycles, it can be done through trusted roadtax renewal platforms like iMotorbike.

You can't renew roadtax monthly in Malaysia. However, you do have an option to renew it every 6 months or yearly.

Payment for Roadtax can be done through post office or JPJ office. It can also be done online via MyEG and platforms like iMotorbike. With iMotorbike both the payments for roadtax and insurance for motorcycles can be done with just 2 step process.

Road tax can be renewed 2 months in advance from the date of expiry through post office and JPJ office or online via MyEG and iMotorbike.

Payment for road tax can be done at post office. However, if you don't have the time, you can also make the payment online through MyEG or iMotorbike.

Yes, road tax can be renewed online at JPJ offices. Alternatively it can also be done at post office or via online through platforms like MyEG and iMotorbike.

Yes road tax can be refunded. For example when you are selling your car, road tax would have to be refunded while cancelling your insurance policy.

Road tax cannot be transfered. Once the transfership is done both the road tax and insurance are voided. However, insurance and road tax can be bought directly from the JPJ counter during the name transfering process.

Payment of road tax can be done with a credit card through MyEG or iMotorbike. MyEG focuses on roadtax renewal for cars for now. However, renewal of motorcyle road tax can be done via iMotorbike with a variety of payment methods including credit card payment.

You can find out the expiry date of your road tax directly from the road tax slip. Incase you lost your road tax, you can view the expiry date through the online JPJ portal.
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