Ban Zen Motors (HQ)

Ban Zen Motors Sdn.Bhd. / BZ Motors” owns the largest motor bike shop called MOTORCITY in the state of Melaka. It is easily recognizable by it’s striking yellow coloured 4-storey building emblazoned with it’s trade mark logo BZ. Ban Zen Motors Sdn.Bhd. is a one stop centre for all types of brands, new and used bikes, spare parts, accessories, repairs, insurance etc. Ban Zen Motors Sdn. Bhd. /BZ Motors was originally known as Ban Seng Motor Company which was founded in 1984. It started as a small shop at the corner of the famous Durian Daun traffic light junction. Today it owns 6 branches and currently has 60 employees. Ba nZen Motors Sdn Bhd’s/ BZ Motors main objective is to consistently meet its customers’ requirements and expectations. Secondly, to review the Company’s Quality Management System to ensure continuous compliance to ISO 9001 : 2008 standard. Thirdly, to improve its staff development and training. The Company’s Board of Directors as the top Management oversees eight departments (Sales & Marketing, Operations, Workshop, Accounts, HR, Credit Control, Cashier, Counter Customer Service ) ensuring its operationis constantly within defined guide line and adhere to specific authority delegated by the Board. Finally, it is the Company’s dedication to strengthen it’s stronghold in the state of Melaka by taking the lead to set up its own web page, With this first, it will soon launch e-commerce to capture the upcoming younger generation market.
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